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The T.A.G. You're It! Podcast

Dec 30, 2017

We interview Sammie Metscher, director at Windemire Baptist Convention Center


Resolve: Can Churches get past soteriology in their fellowship and ministry?

With discussion between David Van Bebber Sr and Darin Smith

Dec 20, 2017

The "Problem of Evil" episode

Dec 13, 2017

Show Flow:


The Republican Jesus

Jesus Sacrificed His Weekend - Michael Shermer


"Many Who Call Themselves Evangelical Don't Actually Hold to Evangelical Beliefs" (Lifeway)

Interview with Rev. David Van Bebber Sr.:

Rural Apologetics Experience

Conservative Resurgence Experience

Article "The Real...

Dec 6, 2017

In this episode:

Article Commentary: 

LGBT Acceptance Prompts Attendance to Plummet, Forces Church to Sale

PEW: 44% Say Gender Not Set at Birth

"Harm/Good" Debate Discussion:

The last question of audience Q&A revisit

Unanswered Index Cards

And Lastly a surprise phone call from Will Hoffman!